Saturday, May 3, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

A few months ago I wrote about a Greek TV show, "Light at the End of the Tunnel". I had to write again as yesterday's show was connected to the UK. As the show started we were told of a young 25 year old, whose mother had married a Greek and moved to Germany. As life would have it, the woman's parents separated, and the mother moved back to the UK, taking her daughter with her. Times being difficult then, there was no contact between the families, and although attempts were made by the father's parents to find their granddaughter, they were not able to.

Yesterday, the young woman was reunited with her long lost family, firstly with her aunt, then with her father and half sister.

As I watched last night's episode, many things came to my mind. Firstly, the reality that when people are separated, for whatever reason, from their natural family, there always seems to be a gap waiting to be filled. For some, in their lifetime, the pieces of their lives are glued back together, and a sense of completion can be felt. For others, life is not always so kind. the language barrier was also a problem for this young girl, as Greek was not part of her life, until the moment she found her family again, and suddenly it became half her life.

These are difficult times. Times where the problems seem to be so much bigger than ever before. People around the world are coming face to face with realities that had never existed before. So, it was just wonderful to see the look of happiness on the faces of the family reunited last night.

Well done to Ms Nikolouli, for helping people deal with some of these realities.