Monday, June 1, 2009

Greek Summers ...

Lots of people from all over the world, have enjoyed summer holidays in Greece and still enjoy them. The tourist industry, more than most industries, has taken a great blow this year, and it is still uncertain whether this will be the first of many uncertain summers. In this unsettled climate, the pressure is on all areas within this industry to weather this storm, but the signs are that this may be more of a downpour than a mere shower. In this area alone, most of the hotels opened their doors to custom today, the first of June. Hotels that have been running for years, and have been opening since the beginning of May, as in most areas, found it more economical to remain closed, rather than open for the few tourists that were around. A difficult choice in difficult times. Another amazing fact that with the Orthodox Whitsun Bank Holiday around the corner, some hotels will remain closed and will open at the end of this month, waiting for the high season to arrive so their costs are kept as low as possible.

What are your thoughts on Greece as a tourist destination? It would be great to hear your views.