Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A room with a view...

As we are in the midst of summer season, the temperatures soaring towards 40 degrees Celcius, and my new line of work is going through what I like to think of as the calm after the storm, and not before, I have found one of those rare moments of "me time". The view from my window is a dream as the palm trees waver in the wind and the waves can be heard slowly brushing the coarse sand. Time seems to be standing still, just enough for me to be able to gather my thoughts... a rare event over the past few months. I cannot believe that with all the rooms and hotels in the area filled to the brim, and the beach thriving with tourists, that the only sounds that can be heard are those of a calming nature. Every so often a car passes, and there is a constant hum of Greek music coming from the distance, but other than that the cicadas and the sea are the only noise polluters around.

I think I must have mentioned in one of my posts that I was taking up a new post as a hotel manager. It has been a great experience, and despite the problems we encounter every day, I have to admit that I am loving every minute of it. With less than six hours sleep every day, I still wake up every morning ready and willing to start the day with a smile. I think it might sound a little odd, but I love people. I think I was born with the will to want everybody to be happy, and this job has given me the opportunity. I spend most of my day working in different parts of the business, but my favourite time is the five or ten minutes I have to chat with various guests. Whether it is about the hotel, the service, their lives, the area... everything seems so interesting.

Anyway, duty now calls, and although I don't think I have said enough, I'm sure I will find another five minutes again in the future.

Thanks for your time