Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looking forward ?

Over the years I have written about the strange feelings that I have had living in Greece. Today, having been bombarded by the news over the last 24 hours, I have come to realise that I was never wrong about Greece. I have posted about the incompetence of the governing bodies, I have posted about the corruption, I have posted about the inadequacy of the whole system and today I realised that now, after so many years, some people have opened their eyes and see the problems. This changes nothing, of course, because the reason that people have opened their eyes is not because of the great concern about the country's people or its future, but because of the fear of the consequences on the other European countries. The past has been a case of "looking the other way" and "filling our pockets" as far as the rest of the world and Greece's politicians are concerned. As Europe now judges Greece's political system and its incompetency at dealing with its debt problems, it does not judge its own disregard of the country and its own "use" of the country in the past. Going into details is a long and tedious road, but as today's leaders "tire" themselves out behind closed doors looking for answers, nobody can see a future. The people of Greece are really not stupid. Many have been shouting and screaming about the problems for years, but unfortunately nobody listened. At the moment, most of the nation is just sitting and watching its politicians putting on a tragic theatre performance, which, by the way, is not even entertaining. Greece does have problems but it also has many attributes. I agree with the fact that Greece has a lot of negative points, but I also know that if the Greek people are willing to change and create their future, this country's prospects can be limitless. The European Union has "put up with" Greece, as they put it, but Greece must find the right leaders, use its strengths, work on its weaknesses, and find its true identity within a correct and just system. Only then will it flourish.