Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Time

Having been recently chastised for not updating my blog, I decided that it was about time to write up the latest news. The truth is that time is of the essence, and lately I have not been able to find enough of that luxurious state of mind.

Having been ill all of last week, I was ordered to stay at home and recover. During that week, I was appalled at the low quality of TV in this country. Now it is almost impossible to stay at home and not watch TV. I did read a lot, but as I read a lot anyway, I thought I would surrender myself to the sofa, and the TV - something that I really do not have time for. After one day, depression started to set in. After one week, I just felt like dying.

Early morning TV was filled with every social problem you can think of. People talking together, with really nothing interesting to say, apart from a whole lot of whinging, were actually preparing the rest of Greece for a good day !!! Then, when these early morning shows finish, the brunch shows begin, giving us lots of information on all the gossip - as if we really need to here about stars who are raking it in and what they are up to in their private lives. Then the rest of the day consists of more idle gossip, repeat TV shows and nothing in the least bit motivating. It is quite disappointing that if you do not have the financial ability to afford satellite tv, you actually have nothing to watch but trash - all day long.

A fairly new Greek Channel, SKAI tv, actually had a great morning programme up until the beginning of this month. I may be biased, but it was great to be able to watch documentaries from other parts of the world, great cookery programmes, and all in all something more motivating than any of the other channels. Unfortunately, they have also fallen into the trap of having a morning show, which for all its great quality, is really not what you need to feel that you are starting a new day.

Thank God I am now feeling well enough to be able to come to work, and fill my time with more imoprtant things. At least I do not feel the worlds problems looming over my head. The flu virus was nothing compared to the psychological and mental torture of Greek TV. Fortunately, some channels have the good sense to show movies and documentaries at night so that we can actually learn something or just be entertained...