Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recession or depression ?

As the months pass I realise that I have not blogged, and the reason is quite simple. What wonderful things are there to write about ? Not many really. As you may know all of Greece is undergoing drastic changes, and these changes are not good.

The Greek Economy has been an issue talked about and raved about all over the world. Experts in economy spend hours each day writing about it, discussing it and frankly basking in the glory of knowing all about it. Greek television has spent hours of quality viewing time analysing the political scenarios of how Greece will be able to endure this economic crisis, greek newspapers have wasted incredible amounts of ink informing the public of the ins and outs of all the supposed government expenditure and cuts, and what must really be said is just left unsaid.

I live in a country that has allowed itself to rot. Millions upon millions of euros, dollars and any other type of currency that was ever worth anything has just simply disappeared over the years and no-one has the slightest idea why. Well, the reality is this - corrupt politicians, deals behind closed doors, underqualified workers in top managerial positions, pocketing of the state's money and many other illegal acts which have never been revealed have led to the disintegration of a country which has so much in its favor.

Today, the least of Greece's problems is its national debt. If you ask your typical pensioner, student, small businessman about these problems, they would probably shrug and say that their problems are much more severe, and the truth is that they are much more severe.

The world's economic problems have had much more impact on Greece. The Greek people have known for years about the sheer apathy and constant corruption of their leaders. This is not today's news. Today's news is that Greece is now home to thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants, refugees trying to find their way to a brighter future somewhere on the planet away from their already destroyed homes. Today's news is the families and businesses that are being destroyed and torn apart because of decisions made by affluent men and women around foreign tables. Today's news is how to keep their homes and families safe from the increased criminality. Today's news is how to get by on so little money. Today's news is that the banks have not become more lenient to their borrowers (most of whom never knew what a loan meant until the kind banks started their telesales). Today's news is how to survive depression and everything it entails.

What has the government done for its people? Nothing. For the past twenty to thirty years - absolutely nothing. What is it doing now? Draining every ounce of energy from every one of its citizens and leaving them with nothing. Honest, hard-working decent people are being drained of any dignity, any dreams, any ambitions and any hope that they had.

The Greek Government had better act quickly and find solutions before its own citizens become the thousands upon thousands of immigrants seeking refuge within another government's borders.