Saturday, July 31, 2010

Greater times to come ??

Due to work and other commitments my time is very limited but I just had to find the time to keep you updated on what is happening in Greece.

Well, the story so far is that the planet's economic crisis is just not enough to keep this country in order, although for all you out there who believe in conspiracy theories, I do believe that this must be one of the biggest and best. You just need to look at the logical sequence of events, government spending and do a little math to see how much we pay in taxes, where it goes and why we don't see the half of it, to understand that the whole panic tactics are covering up a great deal of other things - but that's just my way of looking at it. Anyway, back to Greece. Summer is here, and you would think that this would be the best time to work at selling our greatest assets - the sun, the heat and the great seas. Well, it seems not !!!

Apparently it is the best time to strike, and who is striking - the truck drivers who deliver petrol. What is their problem? It seems that the austerity measures that have been taken by the government ( I say this with a lot of hesitance because there are conflicting theories about which government of which country is actually taking these measures) has had a devastating effect on this industry. Which industry? The most profitable industry in the world - the oil, petrol and transport industry - an industry which actually controls everything everywhere in the world. The truck drivers are protesting because licenses are now being given to companies rather than to individuals. But, this is apparently the best time to strike - with tourism having fallen around 25%, and August being the busiest month of the year in this industry - it is the best time to strike.

The reality of Greece, for all those who do not understand what is going on, is that politically, Greece is a country which went from absolute dictatorship to absolute democracy but with no sense of right or wrong. In a world full of conspiracy and invisible puppeteers who pull even more invisible strings, it will be very difficult for Greece to stand on its own feet.

My opinion on this whole matter is that there are a lot of competent people out there who can make a difference and make this the country that it is supposed to be - and this should have been done years ago. As for strikes, we should all look at the root of the problem and not the surface - the people of Greece should start to understand you never never "bite off your nose to spite your face" !!!!!!