Saturday, October 27, 2007

See the stars ...

For those of you in and around Athens this winter, I have compiled a list of where to see some of your favorite stars:

Asteria has Antipas on board for the season, along with Ina Lazopoulou, Angela Dimitriou.

Two of my favorite ladies, Galani and Arvanitaki, will be singing at the Rex.

Another season opens with Marinella and Remos at the Arena. (Definitely a must)

Michael Hatsigiannis will be accompanied by Glykeria at Vox, and at Romeo you can see Dionysis Makris with Kelly Kelekidou.

Anodos opens with Kiamos and Irene Merkouri, and two of the scenes biggest names Terzi and Zina will be performing together at Iera Odos.

At Posidonio you will be able to see Vertis, along with Eleana Papioannou and Grigoris Petrakis.

Andrea Stamos and Giorgios Giannias continue for another season at Frangelico, and Notis Sfakianakis has two lovely ladies, Chrispa and Gianna Terzi, by his side at Enastron.

Despina Vandi and Vasilis Karras have come together for their show at Diogenis.

Neraida (Theo) hosts Gonidis, Pieridi,

Zazopoulo and Elena Grekou are live at Notes.

Ploutarchos has some great acts with him at the Kentro Athinon including Apostolia Zoe, Tamta and Gianni Vardi.

Gogo Mastrokosta will be singing at Skyladiko VIP with other artists including Papailias, Stefanidou, Bati, Kapodistria and Vasilaras.

Aggeliki Iliadi and Christos Kiprianides are singing at Muses.

Myr a Mar (aka Bambis) has opened with Philipa Nikolaou, stathi angelopoulo, Stella Konitopoulou and Evdokia.

Petro Imvrio, Sabrina and Spiro Spirako are playing at Empati North.

At Taboo you can see Dimitri Kokkota, Ioanna Koutalidou, Kosta Mikeli, Vasiliki Maniatakou.

The place to be may be the Place this season, with Christo Sarlani, Sissy Loi, Angela Vagia, Lefteri Karvela, Gianni Parlapano, Giorgio Lexi, Mika Darmani and Evi Lira.

Stelio Dionysio and Stella Georgiadou are performing at Scorpio.

Giorgo Mazonaki and Niko Makropoulo will be on at Fever.

At Akti Piraios you can see Christos Menidiatis and Amarillida.

Lefteri Pantazi and Giorgo Margariti have a full programme at the Opera or Luna Dark

Nikos Oikonomopoulos will be playing at Fix.

Paralia Live will be getting on down to Eleni Karousaki, Gianni Kostoglou, Kosta Apergi and Olga Panteli.

Stavro tou Notou has Melina Aslanidou, Manos Pirovolakis and Giorgios Karadimos, with guest stars coming in on Thursdays.

Giorgios Dalaras will also be performing a series of concerts at the Pallas, along with Despoina Olympiou.

(I hope all the info is correct, but please let me know if I have made any mistakes)


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