Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Working...and cleaning!!

This week is rather a hectic one, and each day just seems busier than the one before. Yesterday was a Greek national Holiday ( I should really write a post about this - but not today ), and in the evening the citizen's group, that I am fortunate to be a part of, had a meeting with the deputy minister of economy and finance, with regards to the pipeline I have previously written about. Nothing new there, unfortunately. The problem really is serious, but my understanding is that our battle is against more people than we had originally expected. It is a constant battle, and one which will go on for rather a long time, as I can see.

As I clambered out of bed this morning, I tried to organize my day in my mind. First I would have to deal with the housework. Now as all working wives and mothers know, this is not one of the easiest jobs. During the winter months, though, I am fortunate enough to work after midday, so my mornings are "free" (in inverted commas because I have more than enough to do apart from the housework.) Anyway, as I started to go through my routine, I thought that I could maybe share some tips, and get some tips from readers, too.

About two weeks ago I decided to change some things in my daily routine. The first was the fact that I left all the housework to be done on the weekends, something which I really hated. So I have now spread my chores over two (sometimes three) mornings. On the first morning I do the bedrooms - change sheets, dust, sweep and mop. That leaves the bathrooms, living room and kitchen for the second morning. Whilst doing all this, I also manage to cook the daily meal before I leave the house and also do some ironing. All of this means that I can spend my weekends with my kids, and I also don't tire myself out in one day.

It is really important for me to have a clean house. It's not only personal hygiene, but also wonderful to smell the fresh air going through the house. Greeks are generally renowned for their housework, and you will rarely visit a Greek house and see things lying around for days. Apart from daily chores, that involve tidying, washing and ironing, most Greek women will take out their carpets, sweep and mop on a weekly basis. Some do so more often, but for those of us who also work full time, it is a question of finding the time.

Anyway, that was just half of my day today... now I look forward to the next!!!


GeekGoddess said...

Nice to see you back! Glad to hear you enjoyed your summer. XX

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