Monday, October 5, 2009

Election fever ... the day after

After a long day, yesterday saw the triumph of the Greek Socialist Party in the 2009 elections. At 7.00 pm, the ballots closed, and the results started to pour out of each region. That's when the surprise began. I think that most Greeks did not expect the outcome that was to become one of the biggest landslide victories that Europe, let alone Greece, has encountered.

The reasons why were debated on every political programme broadcasting around Greece, and when the Prime Minister, Mr Karamanlis, announced his resignation, only the sound of silence could be heard.

Greece is a naturally politically motivated country. Perhaps the reasoning and logic behind the corruption which has become Greece's signature over the past years, is due to the people's use of politicians to get what they want, with the minimum effort. The despair that has hit the world, and this country over the last year, has left each person with only one road to go down - the road of hope.

As the page turns, and a new day begins, I believe that the Greek people sent a very clear message to all yesterday. If you give us something to believe in, then we will pave the way for a better tomorrow - but tomorrow has to be better than today. As yesterday's results show, the time for change has come, so PASOK has to prove that they are the right people for the job.

As for me, political parties are the people's way of expressing their views and beliefs. The determining factor in all our lives is our own drive, our own goals, and our own dreams - each person can make a difference, not only through their political beliefs, but through making their dreams reality. So, as a new day begins, and change begins, each and every one of us should be heading for our own greater tomorrow, shaking off all of yesterday's dust.

Have a great week.


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