Friday, September 2, 2011


Undoubtedly, one of our major concerns these days is the economic crisis. Pure logic, not mathematics and not science and definitely not politics, must be the solution to the problem. I may not be politically correct but I am angry... angry at this world gone wrong which is, in my eyes, a world full of billions of intelligent, hard-working souls and led by thousands of egocentric paper pushing bureaucrats.

Why do I say this. Well, let me put a logical aspect on how the world is. Firstly, over the last centuries, it is well known that all wars which have taken place have all had an unjustifiable reason. Be it petroleum, natural gas, wood, strategic positions - all are unjustifiable. Thousands of people are rich today due to the fact that they have used the earth's natural resources to make money, and not a little money may I say, but billions upon billions of dollars. Where are these people today as the world's economies hit rock bottom ?? Well, I think I would be right in saying that most of them are in their nice, over-sized, over-roomed homes, making the most of their nice, over-sized offshore bank accounts. Stress and worries over stocks and market shares abound in their daily lives - stocks and market shares in what - natural resources !!

Today, all around the world, capitalism has caused the world to collapse. Well, wouldn't it? It is great to have money. There is nothing more satisfactory after a long hard day at work, to see that you have managed to put some money aside. Well, when did these people have a long hard day at work? On the other hand, billions of people around the world, having been inundated by the media (which is owned by these wealthy few by the way) are now searching for ways, not to put money aside, but to survive. Cutbacks are being made in everything - schools, health systems, basic wages, pensions. Governments who have invested people's taxes in this world gone wrong are now looking for more ways of squeezing more money out of these people. Think about it. How hard do you work? How many hours and how many jobs do you do? How devstating is it to see that your children's future is not a future ? The people of every country - not the rich - but those that make basic wages, those that have 2 or 3 jobs, those that pay their taxes, those that are honest and hard-working, those that do not illegally make money, those that do not hide behind corrupt politicians, those that still believe in their dreams, those that give from their heart, those that just want to live in a world not gone wrong.

Today, the country I live in, Greece, is facing one of it's most difficult years. The country that founded democracy, that was once a leader in art, that basked in wisdom, that lost many of its children in its fight for independence is now a country struggling to survive. This should never have happened. External and internal policies are both to blame. External and internal factors which are unjustifiable. Treaties and agreements have been signed in order to cover the undeniable corruption and previous messes made over the past decades. All of the qualities of this country and its people were thrown out of the window for the sake of the "affluent" few - and those same qualities are now being squandered in a hopeless "fight for survival".

It is essential to understand many things about each country and its stability. The reason that today's society is the way it is boils down to two things - multiple wrong choices and the wrong people for the job.

At some time Greeks were proud to be Greek, but now I think that pride is the last thing on any Greek's mind. Today's feelings are of resentment, disappointment and anger.

As a Greek immigrant, my feelings are even deeper than that because I know this country and its people have many attributes that have been slowly suffocated by its so-called politicians "beliefs". As a wife and mother, I hate myself every day for having to prepare my children for a future in another country - for their own good. As a teacher, I have nothing left inside me to teach the future generations. As a businesswoman there is no more to give because everything has slowly been taken.

So, folks wherever you are in the world, look around you. Look at nature which has the capability to survive catastrophes, wars and natural disasters. Take a good look, take a photo and remember it, because there will always be someone, somewhere with their hand in their pocket ready to sell what was never theirs to begin with. Politics and politicians, corruption, the "white " black market are only a few of the factors that have led to this world gone wrong. So let's start making it right.


Ieva said...

You are right that the wealth, money and power ic concentrated on coparatively small amount of people.But it has been this way already for centuries, since the beginnig of the civilization - the ones that are enough smart and/or sharp get the most. And it will also stay this way.
I understand that your country is the origin of various important and unique things, but is it really worth it and even honest to complain that just because of that nothing bad, nothing like this crisis should have happened with your country? In my opinion it is a little bit too high, such argument is just resting on your (and actually not your, but your ancestors)laurels. Here's what I have observed about Greece and it's debt crisis during the past 2 month:

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