Thursday, July 2, 2015

Choose Greece

With all the turmoil around Greece defaulting on its debt and the government's decision to allow the people of Greece to decide the fate of their country, the world awaits to see what will happen.  Best case and worst case scenarios bounce around TV screens and Internet sites.  World leaders advise on hypothetical situations and plans B, C, D and so on are drawn up behind closed doors, in mystical locations by unknown persons.  The banks have been saved, if that is what is worrying the rest of the world.

The people, on the other hand, are suffering.  If you were to ask the Greeks about the referendum, you would probably be surprised at the answers you would be given.  In a country gone wrong, those who remain here will be voting, basically, if they want euros or drachmas.  Few realise what this means.  Few understand the consequences of either options.  However, there are people who can help.  A clear message to all is if you want to help, visit Greece.  Holiday here, spend money here, choose Greece.  Pick a family run hotel- there are thousands - and just go there for a week or two.  Make a gesture to help family's economies.  We are patient and we keep being patient.  For years now, we have seen homes broken, families degraded, businesses shut down.  We may not understand trade agreements, the IMF, state bonds but we do understand austerity measures.  Our parents have forgotten life before the Euro, and our children are being prepared and nurtured to leave their homes and their country as soon as they can.  We are still smiling, though, because hope is the one thing that we cannot let go of.  It is the one thing that remains intact. 

If you really want to help Greece, then choose Greece. 


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