Thursday, October 18, 2007


Potential is a word that I have loved since I was a child. I would use it in compositions, school debates and possibly anywhere, as long as it was in accordance with what was being said. Sadly, potential is a word Greeks seem to have no use for. From an early age, a child has potential for something, be it singing, running, talking, swimming, playing sports or drawing. If we focus on that ability, we are nurturing the true abilities of that child so that one day this can be used in a positive, creative manner maybe in their jobs or even merely as part of their lives.

Parents have the ability to see this, and teachers should certainly have the knowledge to recognize this, so that every child can be given that push which will allow them to blossom, even in this incoherent world. If we lived in a perfect world this would be the case. If we lived in a proper society, then this would possibly be a fact of life. However, the opposite is true. It has become a way of life that a child's potential will never be seen, never be exploited unless they are truly fortunate or have the advantage of knowing someone, who knows someone.

This is carried through into adulthood, where again, potential is never seen, never spotted. It is an idea, a theory to most people. Instead, there is an air of 'tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you what you are worth,' or even worse, 'give us a backhander, and you'll be the lord of the castle.' God forbid you ever want to fight for what is right. No, then you suddenly become an extremist, a rebel, a "threat to society."

Gone are the wise philosophers. Gone are the people who gave meaning to words like potential. It seems that as soon as Greeks discovered the world, they forgot themselves. The Ancient teachers could spot potential a mile away. Many heroes from history and mythology alike were recognized for their ability. I don't suppose they had to give backhanders in return for a place in the world's history.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm cynical. Whatever I am, I miss "potential", and the sad thing is that I let it go, I let it walk right out of my life, just because it didn't fit in with the country!!!!


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